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Terms and Conditions

All website content is exclusively provided with the sole intent of exhibiting in a digital setting a series of photographs.

The website coder will not be liable for errors or omissions in the publicly-accessible information nor for the availability of this information.

The software developer will not be liable for any losses, injuries or damages from the display or the use of such information.

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Any feedback, comments or suggestions that you may provide, by e-mail or in-person regarding this website or its services, will be taken into account based on its voluntary aspect.

The project creator will be free to reply to feedback, comments or suggestions if it's considered necessary and without any obligation to you.

These terms and conditions of access and use are subject to change at any time by the author and without prior notice to the visitor.

Privacy Policy

Visitors logs are collected and stored through the use of Cloudflare Web Analytics and Tinylitics.

I consciously refrain from using invasive tracking, marketing or advertisement cookies.

Users' private and identifying information is not shared with third-parties services.

I am not responsible for the republishing of the content from this website to other media networks without my permission.

Data Collection

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Latest policy update: April 27, 2024